Smooth operator

Smooth operator

Keratin smoothing treatments are so popular and I myself love having one. A hair straightening product that promises to turn frizzy locks

into silky smooth hair. It works, but there are concerns about the product’s safety.
When I was first exposed to them the smoke that was released when the stylists started to apply the flat irons made my eyes itch, throat sore and quite often gave me a headache. At first I just thought it was me, every one seemed to be saying they where Formaldehyde free and safe,but surely anything that provokes that kind of irritation……It seems there has been lots of disinformation around with loads of treatments to choose from what are the potential side effects Most Brazilian treatments contain as much as 2% formaldehyde and many treatments can contain higher percentages than that. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic, but is also an acceptable additive in cosmetic use.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the USA, has been investigating the presence of formaldehyde in the air of salons What they found was that certain products labeled as formaldehyde free did in fact release formaldehyde into the air at levels above what OSHA allows.
Good Housekeeping USA recently published their own investigation, they tested four salon brand products, researchers found that all four brands released formaldehyde into the air at levels above the acceptable amount regulated in the USA.The UK has not forced the manufacturers of the unsafe products to make recalls. The authorities in the UK have only issued one alert that I know of, naming four products that have been found to contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde. Yet several of the products were mislabeled as being formaldehyde-free If formaldehyde, aldehyde, glutaraldehyde, formalin or methylene glycol are in the ingredients then it raises concerns for me.
The reason why these products have become so popular is that unlike traditional straightening systems they fade out with no line of demarcation and don’t completely straighten the hair – removing frizz and softening curl,making it easy and

quick to style at home

Most major product companies are now producing alternatives that can be used in different ways either to remove frizz,soften curl or completely straighten the hair- which is being driven in part by consumer demand for alternatives.I myself have used a number of these products  including Xtenso by L’oreal, Opti-smooth by Matrix , Rusk anti-curl and Brocatto curlinturuppted the results have been terrific,but it seems that consumers and hairdressers are still loving their keratin smoothing systems for the moment.

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