Daily aggressions on the hair are only increasing and can be broken down into at least five key elements. The thing to remember is that these factors effect our hair colour and cause fading.
work against the Gloss factor and generally we should be aware of how we can fight them.

1-sun – We are or should be aware of the risks to our skin from the sun but UVA and UVB rays also can damage the hair. If your Spring and Summer plans include lots of sunshine here are a few tips.
Many styling products have SPF in them ranging from 10-15 use one and as with suntan lotion keep topping it up. To make your own dilute two teaspoons of SPF 25 sunblock with one cup of water, put it in a spray bottle and use it all day at the beach. or you could buy the fabulous Soleil range by


2-water- Hard waters effects on the hair and can be quite damaging. Minerals dissolved in hard water can deposit onto the hair causing it to be dry, tangle easy and appear dull and lifeless, a weekly rinse with a solution of distilled water and vinegar can help or try using a clarifying shampoo such as this one i love by SHU UEMURA . Frequent hair washing or swimming can gradually erode the fatty acid layer in the cuticle. Always make sure your hair is saturated with conditioner when swimming. Wet hair should be treated with great care, when wet it is in a fragile state. Always comb it don’t brush it.

3-thermal heat – Heat damage is a major issue and prevents people from growing their hair. We should be very careful when using heat on the hair – always use a heat protective styling product, I love CIMENT THERMIQUE and invest in styling tools that allow you to control the heat temperature such as my lovely CloudNine applying high levels of heat on unprotected hair will eventually damage the cuticle layer

– once thats gone its gone. Healthy hair is less porous than heat damaged hair which means heat damaged hair is not glossy and shiny.

4-wind- Have you noticed on windy days that your hair gets tangled? over exposure to the wind will cause individual hair shafts to feel rough and frizzy and the hair will take on a dull appearance and feel brittle. The solution is conditioner, a good treatment range and use it.

5-environmental pollution – as we already know environmental pollution is taking its toll on all of us

So what we can gather from all this info is that sometimes without even really knowing our hair is being attacked, we need to be extra vigilant about our at home care, whether its using good styling tools or shampoos, conditioners, and masks that actually deliver. I have worked with kerastase for many years now and love the range, especially the green repair range for damaged hair, but recently i have discovered the SHU UEMURA and am having great results with it.

Jacks tip – invest in a heat controlled styling tool and a great treatment conditioner. Don’t stop the Gloss fight back.

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