How To Balayage – My Top Tips

Have you noticed that there are some things that you never really tire of seeing? That first cup of coffee in the morning, a beautiful sunset….For me, one of my favourite sights has got to be the perfect (better than nature) sunkissed look that can only be achieved by a skilfully applied balayage. read more

Birthday Blog

July 21st 2012 was the first anniversary of my blog. I was a little hesitant about starting it after all what could I write about and would anyone really be interested in what I wrote !, My good friend Louise really encouraged me to get involved read more


How could I write about my favourite hair colour products without talking about this little gem called Chromative which used to go by the name Symbio .
Symbio was never launched in the USA so I was a little unclear about what it was. I had used a similar product called ARTec in the states, but a morning spent with my friend Graham Crook from L’oreal and all was put right, and indeed he has a trick or two up his sleeve. It has recently been relaunched as Chromative in the UK and comes with 22 shades which lack a few read more