How could I write about my favourite hair colour products without talking about this little gem called Chromative which used to go by the name Symbio .
Symbio was never launched in the USA so I was a little unclear about what it was. I had used a similar product called ARTec in the states, but a morning spent with my friend Graham Crook from L’oreal and all was put right, and indeed he has a trick or two up his sleeve. It has recently been relaunched as Chromative in the UK and comes with 22 shades which lack a few

colours I would go with, but it does meet all sorts of needs. It has a unique technology with direct-dye molecules. CHROMATIVE does not lighten and does not penetrate into the hair, thus avoiding regrowth lines – it shampoos out after 10 shampoos depending on the porosity of the hair.The effect of CHROMATIVE is temporary, what we might call a semi permanent colour because the direct dyes are gradually washed out while the natural pigments are preserved. Perfect to refresh lived in Balayage

The packaging

What the product says –
Shades to complement your natural or coloured hair with beautiful shine and condition.
Consumers that want a fresh taste of colour without long-term commitment.
Beautiful shades. Condition and shine. No hydrogen peroxide. No ammonia. Lasts up to 10 shampoos. Perfect for those who like to change their look regularly, or want to try colour for the first time. Colour POP Services keep hair looking fresh and up to date.
Chromative is a fantastic treatment service. The advanced conditioning formula leaves the hair: feeling replenished, looking unbelievably shiny and with an add of colour.
Consumers that want a fresh taste of colour for up to 10 shampoos.
Depending on the service provided by your professional hairdresser total service time may vary.

From all my testing this product

lives up to the hype in fact it’s so easy to use – for colour correction, glazes for balayage and the clear is a must for superb shine . If you want to tweak this product you can apply it to the root and put under heat, you will get a superb coverage but that will incur a regrowth line, If I really wanted that kind of result I would go with another product.

The versatility and ease of use makes this a must in my colour area and if your clever or know a clever person a few tweaks can give you an amazing luminous result. (that trick I will share one day- get playing)

Jacks thought – Whats the obsession with bright reds? – always lacking some cooler shades 8.02 9.01 10.01 10.1

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