Balayage for April

The new issue of Tatler and its Hairguide 2014 is out and the whole of the Neville team are  mentioned throughout, from glossy blow drys to perfect cuts, Hair wefts to Balayage brushes. What an amazing team I work with. I was thrilled to be mentioned in three sections, The society hairdresser , Guns Blazing salons, and quick fast services  balayage brush in hand

guns blazing Tatler Hair Guide 2014



The whole team where thrilled and for me it was especially nice to be in it for the 2nd year running.

Sunday the 6th I set about working  on some new pictures and we got some great shots all freehand again, very modern and just to play with the audience we did some smooth styling which you don’t often see with Balayage. I can’t wait to show them to you,

On Monday the 7th I was asked to judge three catagories in the Hair Awards 2014 , I love doing this  especially Talent Scout, with some very talented young hairdressers doing 10 minuite presentations to the room, that must have been rather nerve racking for them, but I saw some great stuff.

Finally I had three lots of very exciting  news, non of which I can share right now, but I will be soon.

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