8 Balayage and social media tips

Monday 22nd October saw me do a presentation for The British Fellowship of Hairdressing on social media how it works and  has worked for me. Below is the link to the images I used from my own stuf and the Salons.

Jack Howard Social Media Presentation 2014 A3 updated

The key points that I wanted to get across are as follows

1. Set up all your social media under the same name, so do some research to make sure the name is available over all platforms

2.Facebook is good, but you do need a google business page and you do need to keep it updated.

3. Instagram is the most searched site for hair so use it to showcase your work and always use the # for example you could Instagram your colour work and then #haircolour  #balayage #your towns name etc and post on a regular basis

4. Talk with your Audience people like to interact and so twitter is good for this, but watch it after a couple of glasses of wine!! Loads of us have made that mistake. I call it #vodaka tweets

5. Use Pintrest to showcase your work and also to show work you like. it’s agreat visual tool for clients.

It was an interesting morning with lots of questions and great feedback and my story is one that ressonated with the audience because 4 years ago when I returned to the UK, I had no social media skills at all and was helped out by my good friend Get Lippie who got me blogging and tweeting and has occasionally told me off for bad tweets. The thing is it takes time we all start off with few followers but it grows, make sure your clients know that you are on Twitter and Instagram, they like to see what you are doing. Every salon has IT clients those ladies who are really popular and are always seen, maybe they would promote you.

6.Look for bloggers in your area who fit the salon ask them to come in and review a service if its the right blogger who fits your market it could be a great relationship.

7.This day and age you need a website so build one that is mobile friendly and attach a blog to it, as far as the blog goes write from the heart own what you say and you can’t go wrong. People say they have nothing to write about but the world of hairdressing if you love it has loads to either comment on or talk about , new cuts colours you love ,work you have done

8.All of this takes time and most of us don’t have the money to pay someone to do it, but do it you must.


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