What is BRONDE

Whilst looking back through my work I realised that I had started using the term Bronde back in July 2012 thats three years ago! and it seems like this look is staying strong and current .

What is it? basically its neither blonde nor brown its a hybrid

There’s not a foil to be seen as freehand colouring continues to be the technique of choice; ‘Bronde’ is all the rage in LA and NYC (worn by the likes of Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo) and it’s now the number one colour service for brunettes in the salon. Known as the perfect combination of brown and blonde tones, ‘Bronde’ is perfect for darker haired clients who want to try out a lighter colour, and can be warm, neutral or cool. The choice is really between you and your colourist.

“For years and years anyone who was born with mousey hair has fought against it, either going blonde or switching all the way to brunette. Dark brunettes struggling with orange toned highlights or too light pieces against their skin can now appear healthy and natural; the look that’s appealing to more and more a-listers.

The key to the perfect shade of ‘Bronde’ is to lighten hair by  painting Balayage  pieces through the hair making sure that the colour is softer near the mid-section and thicker towards the ends and is even all the way through. Just make sure you don’t have too much of a contrast between the roots and the highlighted ends or you’ll end up looking like you’ve had a dip-dye – this look is fresher and low on up-keep. This colour is great for people who don’t want to completely take the plunge and go either way (full blonde or full brunette) and great for natural brunettes who want a little bit of lightness. I’ve found that most celebrities sporting ‘Bronde’ are within two shades of their natural colour.

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