Not so long ago a salon colour menu was very simple and was typically boring and in many ways uninspiring

but then Social media arrived and turned everything upside down for some its been difficult to make the leap forward for others it was like a duck to water
we live in a fast paced world fashion changes more quickly as does technology so why not how we colour hair or rather how we sell the idea of hair colour to the consumer?. Instagram and Pintrest have allowed people to showcase their work and we see trends come through more quickly
Balayage has been around for so long i started doing it in the states but when i came back to the UK everyone said fad, well its not and now its part of many salon menus. I consider myself a salon successful colourist all my images and salon work is very commercial and speaks to clients. fresh language that talks to the audience (clients) and engages them means we have to stay on top of our game . There are so many catchy names out there that its just an exciting time in hair colour and definitely a creative one for salon colourists if they are willing to move forward here are some I love and do you know what they are. I suggest you get your team to research them and get familiar with them before a client walks in and the team don’t know – knowledge is power

1.Baby lights are here they can be done with foil or feehand and have taken the stripe out of foil for clients giving a softer more youth full appearance
2.The newer name on the block is fluid painting it is an evolution of balayage and looks great on instagram i don’t know how comfortable it is to have done but it has the wow factor- look it up its great theatre
3.contouring is a wonderful name for colour placement and clients understand it as its a make up term they get it it can be done with balayage or foil and with the careful positioning of different tones and depths around the face Darker tones create shadows and are used to shorten or narrow the face shape, whilst lighter tones elongate and lengthen the face shape by reflecting light exactly the same as make up
4.strobing yet another make up term that consumers are aware of this again adding depth only 2 shades darker than your natural shade and then highlights around the face to reflect lightness onto your face this can be done with balayage
5 bronde is at least 4 years old and is a great name for neither blonde nor brown although i am rather bored by the name at this point
6.Ronze is red and brown and easy to explain a classic copper red mixed with a rich, bronze brown.
7.Tri colour when doing a tint so that it always looks natural and its getting interest
aimed at global colour client going from lighter at the front to darker at the name but in 1/4 to 1/2 shade different so super subtle
8.Ecaille which means tortoiseshell which i think is beautiful mix of light and dark tones inspired by the colours you find in a tortoiseshell

we also have Ombre (yawn) sombre the softer version . but i think the key is that we stay ahead of the game and make sure we don’t get complacent and then find our selves looking ill informed with the client. I don’t mind if its a fad or a micro trend or a long term colour application what i want is to get those 1 million women who say they would come back to the salon if we got the shade right to come back and to also offer services to my existing clientele that can excite them. I don’t want to feel like poking my eyes out with a tail comb over another set foils i want to be creative and commercial i want to tailor each colour what do you want?

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