The pro hair difference part 2

The Pro difference part 2
The other  month we where talking numbers, From decline in salon visits and how we under index in every colour except blonde to the shocking amount of women who feel they can get the same colour at home as the salon and those tricky mixers who do colour at home and in the salon .This month i’m going to share some ideas and thoughts on how to get women women back into the salon
Across all colour shades women have told us through a loreal professional survey that they want from colour, the biggest desire is that it looks natural, rich.even,different tones, subtle tones and many others but the stand out was natural

Natural’ has a number of different meanings
1.My original colour
The same as natural hair colour, or past natural hair colour e.g. blonde
“I always try to match to my own colour, so it looks natural”

2. Grey coverage
No greys visible
Looks like hair is not naturally grey
“I don’t want people to know that I’ve gone grey”

balayage by Jack Howard

3.Different tones
Hair has different tones and shades of colour
Some lighter and some darker strands
“I want natural tones and highlights”

4.Not artificial Not fake or over-the-top shade Don’t want odd tones e.g. pink, orange “I don’t want it to look peroxide blonde, like something out of a bottle

5.“Its important to me that my hair colour looks natural”

Under 34
1.Beautiful colour to hair
2 Long lasting beautiful colour
3 Professional looking result
4 Colour does not look flat
5 Radiant colour
6 Colour doesn’t fade
7 Beautifully blended colour
8 Natural looking colour
9 Give an even colour from root to tip
10 Perfectly blended multitonal colour

1 Beautiful colour to hair
2 Long lasting beautiful colour
3 Beautifully blended colour
4 Colour does not look flat
5 Professional looking result
6 Radiant colour
7 Colour doesn’t fade
8 Natural looking colour
9 Darkness of colour
10 Give an even colour from root to tip
1 Beautiful colour to hair
2 Beautifully blended colour
3 Professional looking result
4 Colour does not look flat
5 Long lasting beautiful colour
6 Natural looking colour
7 Perfectly blended multitonal colour
8 Colour doesn’t fade
9 Shine that lasts
10 Give an even colour from root to tip

By looking at this what we can gather is that across all ages women and not just salon colour clients want the very same thing beautiful professional colour that looks natural and full of shine.
Different shades require different needs
Blondes are Looking for natural-looking, perfectly blended colour that isn’t flat
brunettes are Looking for an intense, radiant colour that’s natural looking and redheads Most interested in shine and right tone

For me that means we have to clearly demonstrate the Pro difference and we need to shout about it .My whole idea with Tri Colour was that although we mix away in the dispensary the client doesn’t get to see that. Open colour bars are becoming popular but to be honest most of us don’t have one yet, so i take the dispensary out to the client and mix in front of her it adds that little bit of theatre to client as she sees me mix away and always on a global tint its got to be the 2 /3 bowl method even if its just a 1/4 of a shade lighter from the front into the nape . Lighter tint around the face is always much more flattering anyway and altho lots of us do it have we talked about why we do it? I believe before we engage in our chat we should talk first about why and what we are doing.

A call to action

LOW COMMITMENT COLOUR SERVICES – quick & no vicious circle options so combing colour on the first few grey only works well using demi permanent close to the natural shade glazes,fast quick techniques and fast working colour including balayage

2. REASSURE WOMEN – Keep women loyal to the salon through consistent & thorough consultation for more tips on that read my article on a great consultation or design your own don’t forget that allergy alert test

3. UNDER-INDEXING IN “NON-BLONDES” – we need to demonstrate the PRO Difference for non-blondes. thats why mixing different colours in front of clients and th 2/3 bowl method works so well

4. NON-BLEACH/NON-GLOBAL Client – women self report as global colour, how can we champion colour services for these women ? its all about placement and everything ive been saying

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