The difference between ombre and balayage


Many consumers can be confused by ombre and balayage, mainly because the lines are blurred and not all colourists know the difference . The number one rule for colorists should be “know your techniques” as there are so many and the consumer is know super informed on trends, so a basic understand of whats going on is so important and is what I would call the “pro difference”
Last year 442 trend where identified on social media , so putting your tools down at 6pm isn’t going to work, we all need to be doing our research after the day is done.
Ombre is a colour technique it means to shadow and goes from dark to light in a very soft graduation of color, no harsh lines anywhere. This technique works best on longer hair with few layers, and I always love to put a face frame of balayage arround the face for maximum Impact and to connect the whole look. Its done with Pre lightner and can be as soft or strong as you like as long as the transition from dark to light is seamless

Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. In It’s truest form its a highlighting technique from root to tip that allows for a sun-kissed natural look on any hair colour. It’s quicker than foil highlights and lower maintenance. Over the years Balayage applications have changed and we have four different types of application under the banner balayage. The beauty of balayage is that you work with the natural fall of the hair and use the natural variations of tone to create a look that is fresh and modern and totally tailored to each individual. Balayage is all about soft contrasts and gives an effortless look.
It’s s a freehand technique that uses no foil or meche to create either a very natural looking highlight or something a little stronger, but should grow out very softly again without harsh demarcation lines
Balayage now falls into 4 clear defined categories which are Classic, Creative, Micro and Californian:The reason for this is that although classic balayage was part of the world wide revolution in highlighting, it has now evolved and can be used on any hair length and for many different looks

This type of balayage application the product is loaded on the mid-lengths of the hair section, feathered up to the root then spread down over the surface of the section, and saturated on the ends to create a seamless finish. Its the Victoria secret girl look
Perfect for longer hair, with upkeep every 8- 10 weeks.

Creative balayage the product is also loaded on the middle of the section of hair and only feathered slightly up the hair shaft for a more lived in finish, leaving the in their natural form, The ends of the section are still saturated .
Perfect for darker bases who want some lightness but nothing near the root, equally lovely on any colour because of it looking lived in .
Great if you are want lower maintenance color, or simply like a Rooty feel.
Works for all hair lengths shorter and longer, and the upkeep is roughly 10 to 16 weeks.

Micro Balayage is a finer more delicate application, it works well on all hair colours. It works exceptionally well when wanting to achieve a heavier coverage of colour and when transitioning from foil highlights to balayage. It also works well in fringes and is great for guys who want a sun kissed look. It goes all the way to the root and is great on bobs and shorter hair
This type of balayage needs upkeep every 8 weeks.

California balayage is still very soft at the root with a much heavier coverage through the mid shaft and ends . This look achieves a more visible result through the mid lengths and ends of the hair, and is the look most seen on Instagram at the moment, we need to be careful with this because it can end up losing its contrast. It works well for people who want to be blonde and is a high maintenance look . This look works well with root stretches or root smudges and can also be achieved by merging classic balayage with ombre

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