spring/summer trends 2012

All the great style

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trends from the fall/winter fashion shows 2012 can make us forget that its spring/summer 2012 that we should be looking at now and how those trends have translated into the salon. Looking back through those collections i’ve picked my favourite two looks from The Paris, New York, Milan and London shows, and as always my favourite shows where New York followed by Paris, I think that because I love the beauty aesthetic of the NYC looks. read more


The Hairdressing industry has done to itself no favours by classifiying highlights into three or four sections Full head, 3/4 head, half head and T-section.I’m sure that part of this was to do with stock control,streamling services and pricing for clients but this concept is odd to me because when we talk about highlights I don’t think it should be in terms of how many, it should be about the finished result. read more

What is Luxury

The word luxury is something that is thrown around by brands and PR firms all the time these days even worse is the grievous term affordable luxury, what is that? The dictonary explains the term luxury as follows – read more


Daily aggressions on the hair are only increasing and can be broken down into at least five key elements. The thing to remember is that these factors effect our hair colour and cause fading.
work against the Gloss factor and generally we should be aware of how we can fight them. read more


It seems I have gone from lust to love with the styling equipment from the guys at CLOUD NINE a few weeks ago my original Wand by Cloud Nine arrived and I spent a few days playing with it. The results have been amazing to say the least, but what I have enjoyed most is the tremendous thought and attention to detail that has gone into this product. read more