Red all about it and balayage

Red is the current IT girl micro  colour trend or so it seems, we can’t open a magazine without reading about it and even the Daily Mail did an article on it earlier in the year  (more about that later).
My lovely client  Clara Paget has gone back red, who is filming the hit USA show Black Sails which you can now see on Amazon here in the UK.  Ronze  ‘a red bronze’ is trending in the USA a getting a slight look in here in the UK read more

Balayage and curly hair

One of the most asked questions i get when teaching my Balayage classes is “what about curly hair?” well as I’ve said before balayage is a highlighting technique and in its purest form its from root to tip. With curly hair its brilliant because you are working with the natural curl and so placement is visually easier i tend to pull the hair out a little with my fingers and a hairdryer just to soften out the curl before i start, That got me to thinking that i hadn’t really talked about afro hair and balayage i’d just taken it for granted that we all saw hair as hair. With afro hair its exactly the same rules you always take into account
if there has been another chemical service done
if the hair is thick or fine read more

Balayage Revolution

Officially its summer and i’m supposed to be taking it easy, well that’s another story, August is actually busy it seems i’m in a mad rush before my vacation, Its exciting times though. This week i’ll be teaching a 1-2-1  Balayage class and he’s flown in from Singapore for it, so the word is spreading . Im also working on a new format for my presentations its always good to have a look back and tweek it all, trying to make it all a little more digital, and i’m expanding, next year i’m meeting up with some other colourists and I will selecting 1 or 2 of them to train up with my method and then working together teaching balayage, so we can hold bigger classes and reach more people because at the moment I can’t meet the demand. Its wonderful to see my little dream grow.  read more

Bombshell Blonde

As much as I like a balayage look all soft and natural, there is no denying that I love a cool white all over blonde, I don’t know about you but I seem to be doing a lot of them at the moment, and loving every one of them. The trick of course is getting the hair pre lightend up to a very very  pale yellow and even, before then glazing . I love platinium for Balayage but prefer the new studio blonde powder lightner for an all over blonde . For me  I use either 20 or 30 volume developer depending on the base colour and try to encourage clients to come back at monthly interval because as we all know as soon as you go over that half inch regrowth then its time for a long regrowth application which is time consuming and annoying. read more

What is Balayage

It seems like there is some confusion out in the world about Balayage, Classic Balayage  is a highlighting technique designed to create a very soft natural look. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour similar to what nature gives us as children with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. When I say highlighting I mean root to tip. Pre lightner  placed softer at the root painted on the surface of the hair with the last inch or two saturated with product. We have also seen the raise of freehand colour in general and I like to call this creative balayage  and this doesn’t go to the root at all. I usually use a combination of both with my clients but for brunettes not to many hitting the root, I just don’t like the look. read more