Balayage on the road

January has seen me take my Balayage revolution class on the road, already i’ve been in Cork and Newcastle. The response has been huge and heartwarming. People and the industry are more aware of the technique now, looking back at the last few years and it has really taken off here in the UK. There is still some confusion about what Balayage is, and in it’s classic form it’s a highlighting technique, but slowly we are over coming that. I believe its the fear of going close to the scalp that frightens hairdressers the most, colour bleeding on the scalp has never been a pretty look, and this is certainly part of the focus in my classes. read more

2015 here I come

Well the mad rush at the end of the year is ove, but this time of year is not one to sit back its all about planning and getting on with it. So if you haven’t heard I have completly branded myself, trade marked my name and will be Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds Its a new venture and very exciting. My balayage by Jack Howard extension range is going from strength to strength and you can buy them here and i’ve added new dates for 2015. read more