A few years ago, salon colour menus were stuck in a rut, with uninspiring colour descriptions like ‘T-bar’ and ‘half-head highlights’ that don’t speak to the consumer. These techniques were one-size-fits-all colours that didn’t take the individual client into account and which made colour a chore. read more

The Pro Hair difference part one

I had a great time at Pro hair live Manchester and London talking the business of colour to a really engaged audience over the next 2 articles i’m going into a little more depth for you there is so much information i can’t get it all into one article but if you are hoping to grow your colour business there are some amazing facts and figures, i hope it helps you grow you colour revenue thanks to my friends at Loreal for the stats read more

Ecaille the hot new colour trend

“As we all know hair colour trends are constantly changing and moving
forward. For sometime now I’ve been noticing the evolution of Ombré and balayage and of late I’ve been as bored by Ombré as much as I’ve tired of classic foils. So I’m excited to hear from California about the latest buzzword taking the states by storm; Ecaille – a French word meaning tortoiseshell. read more

Balayage why everyone wants it

Where does the time go? As I sit here at my desk reflecting on all the good things that have happened with the Balayage revolution. I can’t help but smile, It has been embraced by so many salons and colourists and more and more salons are putting it on their menus. There does tend to be a slight confusion within the Industry and at a press event for Neville at the Bulgari hotel I tried to clear that up explaining  Balayage is a highlighting technique  Ombre is a colouring technique, Balayage  highlights can go very close to the root they do not have to stop midway up the hairshaft. The other thing being we live in a visual world and the client is also leading the revolution bringing in photos of celebs with Balayage and Ombre it has to be a key service. read more

Balayage for April

The new issue of Tatler and its Hairguide 2014 is out and the whole of the Neville team are  mentioned throughout, from glossy blow drys to perfect cuts, Hair wefts to Balayage brushes. What an amazing team I work with. I was thrilled to be mentioned in three sections, The society hairdresser , Guns Blazing salons, and quick fast services  balayage brush in hand read more