In 1907 a French chemist, Eugene Schueller began manufacturing hair colour in his Paris apartment, the main chemical ingredient was called paraphenylenediamine he called his company L’Oreal and the story continues today. The process to become a blonde at this time was dangerous and painful with the chemicals inflicting headaches and burns, it was not unusual for the hair to break off during the procedure . read more


As many of you know, I don’t like to style hair I love to colour it, that said I always adore my clients hair to look polished, glossy and bouncy as they leave the salon as well as when I see them out and about. I also know how difficult it can be to style your own hair at home and any tools that come along to assist, that work, I want to try out. read more

The Reality of Red

Red heads never really go out of fashion and the past couple

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of years have seem a plethora of examples from the extreme, think Rihanna to the soft, say Julianne Moore with many more in between.
There are degrees of red and as always I find myself loving the more natural looking reds and coppers, the ones that leaving you thinking is she or isn’t she?, but really that is all about personal taste levels and the look you want to achieve.
Throughout history red heads have been feared & adored – loathed & worshiped – degraded & lionized, it seems this hair colour more than any other has provoked a contrast of emotions in us, as love is to hate. read more