As many of you know, I don’t like to style hair I love to colour it, that said I always adore my clients hair to look polished, glossy and bouncy as they leave the salon as well as when I see them out and about. I also know how difficult it can be to style your own hair at home and any tools that come along to assist, that work, I want to try out.

About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Get Lippie she and I hit it off and I now consider her a good friend, but Get Lippie has a problem she has publicly declared that when it comes

to dressing her hair, it has to be quick,easy and effective or she won’t bother and gives up. I believe that this is probably true for many clients, the arduous task of styling can be frustrating and time consuming with little reward if done in a rush

One night last week I went over to do her colour which is a very natural dark brown with some beautiful soft lighter brown Ombre through the ends, and I set about trying out her The O

What is The O? launched in 2010 its a groundbreaking innovation in professional styling and it really is amazing, i was blown away by this system.

1-The O rollers heat up in four seconds simply place them in the pod
2-They heat from the core so they’re hot in the hair not the hand and so easier to place in the hair

they reach their max heat of 130 they then start to cool
4-They easily glide into the hair
5-Three different sizes of rollers, the big ones make softer bouncy waves
6- Heating one at a time lets you move at your own pace

The rollers do slide in easily,but I did feel that the grip on them could be a touch stronger and would buy the clips that hold them in place, otherwise it doesn’t feel secure, most ladies would use 8-12 medium and large rollers to create bounce and curl (read Jacks tip below), it is such a great system and totally worth the investment, so easy and quick to use that I fell in lust with it, and will be recommending it to everyone.

Jacks tip – read the instructions- do not put the rollers back in the pod until they have cooled,
I melted one!.

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