Born to be Blonde

Last week I started to talk about blondes and this weeks blog is going to look at the bigger picture, how to look like you where born to be blonde instead of bottle blonde

There is so much to cover but I think it can be put into two sections

1- Theory – principles, ideas, philosophy.
2- Practical – realistic, grounded and reasonable approach.

So before

we go much further lets go straight to our chart of levels and underlying pigment.


Somethings change and others don’t, this chart is one that doesn’t. Level 7 and above are considered blonde, level 6 and below are thought of as brunette by me and within this there are thousands of variations, but as you can see from the chart level 10 is very light blonde and has a pale yellow underlying pigment. This chart does not have a level 22 yet I see blondes who are way too light and unnatural looking everyday.

You all know I like natural glossy fresh looking hair so to keep those blondes a soft baby blonde the underlying pigment needs to be a pale yellow otherwise we end up with fake looking hair. (Please note pale yellow underlying pigment does not mean your hair colour will be yellow!.) We haven’t even hit on cool or warm tones but a previous blog gives some tips on whether you are a cool or warm tone.

The best blondes I believe have their palest pieces around the face as if they have been in the sun for a month, rather than all the way through. Naturally blonde looking hair colour is achievable, but a level 4 or 5 with level 10 pieces all the way through will not look natural by my standards, it will be too harsh against the skin tone.

So what do you do if you are a level 5 or below and you want to be lighter?, the approach

I believe is to lighten the ends with Ombre and to frame the face with balayage and not going more than 3 shades lighter.

I believe that if you are a level 6 and above then you can you can be a lighter blonde, still using the same approach as above using Balayage and Ombre keeping the lightest pieces around the face.

As you know I dislike the look of a foil highlights, in a sea of hundreds of perfectly placed foil very few can get a tailored personalized natural look, Balayage and Ombre works with the natural movement of the hair, all that happens with foil is that the colour ends up merging together with the ends looking darker than the roots.

Jack’s tip – get your colourist to put down the foil for an A-list look, and pick up a balayage brush!

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