The Hairdressing industry has done to itself no favours by classifiying highlights into three or four sections Full head, 3/4 head, half head and T-section.I’m sure that part of this was to do with stock control,streamling services and pricing for clients but this concept is odd to me because when we talk about highlights I don’t think it should be in terms of how many, it should be about the finished result.

There is nothing worse than seeing a half head of highlights on layered medium to long hair, you can see a distinct stop line and a total lack of harmony to the look, all the lightness through the top and dark underneath, Saying that a half head of blonde highlights on short hair should be illegal such is the horror of the result its something from an 80’s pop video.

Colourists are employed to colour, and clients seek out colourists for their skill and their

personal aesthetic, what I like to call their eye. We colourists have an obligation to our customers to keep their colours current

and looking great.This may include saying i’m sorry but a T section will not cut it you need a full or that this length hair can’t have blonde highlights in it, but when I have taken the time to show a lady why I feel this way, she usually gets it and is thankful that we can come up with another solution for her, and ofcourse we must always talk of the cost as well as the finished result.

One of the reasons that I love Balayage is because the placement is dictated by the haircut, and that it recreates a more natural feel. If I work a few pieces through the underneath it doesn’t always make it a full head price but it does make the look work and therfore my client is happy, if she needs Balayage all the way through I sit and explain why, if she only needs a few pieces because its not that long since we last did it, then i explain that. If that means I run behind then I run behind, I know i’ll catch up later and I also know that I am offering the best approach to keeping and maintaining happy ladies.

Jacks tip – if it needs a full DO a full, but explain why and the cost.

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