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When I started teaching colour for L’oreal Proffessional USA in 1999,I had to earn my stripes and learn how to translate my knowledge and skills into ways that people could understand, so trade shows in small cities is where it all began for me, but before long I knew that I loved being in a class room talking and demonstrating salon successful colour, rather than on stage in front of thousands of people demonstrating techniques I never used in the salon, it was the one thing I knew early on – I wanted to share with other Hairdressers how to create beautiful wearable believable hair colour.

There has always been a disconecct for me from what the trade press and trade events show as colour to Hairdressers and what clients come in wanting, Its like two parrelel worlds – one where clients come in with pictures from Vogue,Allure,a celebrity

or movie magazine and then the other where we see high contrast colours like black and bright red together, even worse black and white or colours that are so extreme, placed in triangle or diamond sections all over the head – technically it might be complicated or even brilliant and look good on stage under bright lights with pounding music, but my world is the one where clients come in and ask me to keep them looking natural and beautiful and want to leave feeling pretty.

It might sound dull to some, but the elephant in the room on a trade show floor is always how does that translate back into the salon or do you do this in the salon !.Thats not to say the work is not inspirational for some but the majority of hairdressers who colour that I have met, all rely on classic highlights gray coverage and balayage for their colour (not a triangle, diamond pattern or contrasting block pattern to bee seen) with commercial cuts and great finishes for their styling, so surely trade events could reflect that more?

A long time ago someone said to me you can’t re-invent the wheel when your teaching or demonstrating but you can add a spoke

Jacks question – Why can’t that spoke be more commercial colour?

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