In 2009 L’oreal celebrated 100 years of colour innovation, and launched

a ground breaking new colour system called INOA. It was the first amonia free permanent haircolour in the world. At the time of the world wide launch I was in North America and can still remember the excitement and thrill of being involved with such an amazing product. The benefits of this new colour system are –

1- unprecedented comfort for the client
2- optimized respect for the hair
3- luminous colour results

New products cheap viagra online always have kinks in them and at the time the problem with INOA was that it was a three part system, which didn’t allow for as much creativity as a two part system, it was rather fiddly and a tad time consuming to mix, but the results where amazing to me. No longer that opaque coverage that tends to look old of traditional colours, this coverage was luminous and fresh,and the result was respectful of the hair and completley odourless, the testing had come back saying that after nine applications hair coloured with INOA is a smooth as natural hair – that is amazing and true.

Skip from 2009 to 2012 and I am now in Mayfair London and INOA is being relaunched, the brilliant reason for this is that they have managed to deliver all the great results of the old three part system into a two part system. No longer do I need scales and waste time mixing, its super easy and gives me the beautiful results I want and my clients expect.

As I have already said INOA has a luminous result, fresh and youthful but if your client is used to a more opaque coverage I usually go a quater to half shade darker than the target just to help transition into INOA, the reason for this is because of the more reflective colour compared to a heavier coverage from a traditional tint. INOA has a great range of colours and I am hopeful that it will grow, it has a 20 and 30 volume developer, and mixes to a great consistancy so I can balayage with it or do a simple global application. Infact I can now do a tint and Balayage all at the same time and it all be amonia free, thats amazing and one of the reasons I love L’oreal.

On my wish list for INOA –

1- 10 volume developer (it exists but not here in the UK)
2- some green and blue concentrates

Jacks tip – give your clients a more youthful hair colour, convert to INOA now.

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