The Learning Curve

Education, Education, Education I think i’m always extolling the need for constant training, the need for the individual to keep relevant is very important in a fast changing industry like mine, one in which the ideals of beauty are always changing, you only have to look at your own old photos to see how quickly style moves on. Nobody really wants to be left behind but given the fact that many of us are time poor, spending our spare time in a class or staff training night might seem

too much, but to really to invest in that time is an investment in our own future and indeeed our future income.

Very often people can feel over committed and the extra couple of hours can seem like a chore, but if you like me run your own business, and most hairdressers do (whether they believe it or not) running a busy column and maintaining a good relationship with your clients is running a business, keeping yourself fresh with ideas and trends viagra cheap is the only way stay relevant.

Where it goes wrong I believe from my own experiences and from working with some really talented people is that attending the class is one thing, putting it into practice is the other. A one or two day workshop doesn’t always give you the amount of experience to bring a new concept confidently into your working day, what it does do however is open your mind and allow you to start playing with new concepts – note the word play -.

It is the next step PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE as I always say in my balayage classes that’s so important, if you don’t practice and hone your talents whats the point of attending a workshop?
Practice can be the difficult part of the learing curve because that also takes commitment and time, but in the long run I think its worth it for my clients and my business, and I believe i’m worth it.

Jacks’ tip – get out that mannequin head or grab a friend – PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE

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