Matrix color graphics

Matrix the number one hairdressing product company in the USA – some of you might say whats that? but believe me they have some great products and although my heart belongs to L’oreal proffessional I do occasionally flirt with other ranges.I discovered colourgraphics when I first moved back to London, ironic as I had spent 18 years in the states. read more

Simply the best

As colourists we all have them, our favourite go to products, ones we can count on every time to deliver the results we want and our clients expect. I have quite a few and over the next few months I am going to be writing about them and telling you what makes them my go to product. read more

Is she or isn't she

The most perfect haircolour to me is when you can never tell that its coloured, that’s what makes the task at hand so difficult and so rewarding at the same time for a colourist, subtlety, softness and a natural feel to the colour always looks beautiful and can be glamourous or have a slightly lived in feel. read more

Hairdressing Nation

Britain is a nation of Hairdressers, the scale of salon industry in the UK is huge if all salons where to merge into one business the anual turnover would be equivalent to the BSkyB corporation and outstrip many others including next (3.27bn)
There is not one hairdressing group or chain listed in the City,instead its a collection of sole traders, small and medium sized business all of whom style the nations increasingly diverse locks. read more