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Britain is a nation of Hairdressers, the scale of salon industry in the UK is huge if all salons where to merge into one business the anual turnover would be equivalent to the BSkyB corporation and outstrip many others including next (3.27bn)
There is not one hairdressing group or chain listed in the City,instead its a collection of sole traders, small and medium sized business all of whom style the nations increasingly diverse locks.

1. £5 billion turnover

2. 245,000 employees

3. 34,000 salons and barber shops

4. 38.8 million consumers

5. £29.00 average amount spent in the salon.

These numbers overwhelm me when I look at them (thanks to my freinds at L’oreal for their research).
Research suggests that although it may seem that the UK has become deal loyal rather than real loyal, Hairdressers are in the very enviable position of having a real loyal base.

1. 71% of women have been loyal to their hairdresser for the last year
2. 52% of women have been with the same hairdresser for over two years
3. 27% have been loyal for over five years

But what does it all mean

To me it shows the strength of the UK hairdressing industry

especially in these economically difficult times, by maintaining its strong customer base and by adapting to the

digital age to stay connected to its clients, Twitter, Blogging are two mediums that have worked well for me and for many others.It also shows the skill level of British hairdressers who are able to translate their clients ideas into looks that British women want.

We British hairdressers are always looking to new techniques and are open to change and the continual process of mentoring junior members of staff so that the industry keeps growing and getting better. We not only cut and colour and style. We listen, we support, we are confided in, not only do we try to make people look good we also make people feel better.

We are a nation of hairdressers.

Jacks tip – Stay connected with your clients

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