Is she or isn't she

The most perfect haircolour to me is when you can never tell that its coloured, that’s what makes the task at hand so difficult and so rewarding at the same time for a colourist, subtlety, softness and a natural feel to the colour always looks beautiful and can be glamourous or have a slightly lived in feel.

The key to successful natural looking haircolour will always be not only in the application, but the consultation as well. Application is alwways important it should be clean neat and well thought out. The consultaion will if done properly, reveal whether

the client is a warm or cool shade and how she lives her life, that will then determine the colour choice and application. Key questions for me are

1. commitment to upkeep
2. does she wear more gold or silver jewelrey
3. what colour does she not like
4. what does she want from her hair.

Natural looking haircolour always has a luminous feel to it and always progress from a darker root to a lighter end regardless of the base colour, and for a truly natural looking colour we must remember that.
I have found that my clients do not want their haircolour to be the topic of conversation, rather they just want it to look good and natural whatever the chosen hue, they would rather the conversation be about how beautiful they look not what have you done to your hair!.

Jacks tip – look at the hair of children to see beautiful natural highlights.

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