The Balayage Revolution

Last week was brilliant, first off my thoughts on teaching. Walking into an Academy, putting the chairs where I want them, and making sure the room has the right feel for the most impact on a group of

people wanting to learn is always a thrilling experience. The nervous energy before I start the presentation, greeting people as they walk through the door, and then it all just falls into place. Questions, hopes, fears and answers all written on sheets of paper all over the walls, for us all to recap and look over the whole day.

the beginning of the journey

This last week was a classic moment for me, the frase Balayage revolution came into my class, yes I want to start a revolution here in the UK and Ireland all about Balayage and the Art Of Hairpainting. This was my second class at L’oreal this year and again it was heavily subscribed which is always nice to see, and yet again a great group of people wanting to add another spoke to their wheel.

What has been so wonderful is the great reception this class has been getting, the feed back has been wonderful. Part of the day is all about promoting yourself on social media, and its been lovely having people tweet pictures of balayage that they have been doing in the salon at me. The more people that get involved the bigger this revolution is going to be. One student who had been really tough on themselves on the day, I feared that they would walk away and never do it in the salon, has taken to it like a duck to water and been tweeting pictures to me.

On Thursday I had the privilege of being one of the judges for the Clynol business and creative awards, so many people had put so much effort into entering and making the selections was hard. I’m really looking forward to seeing who the winners are and if they match my favourites. Good luck to everyone.

Jack tip – use these #balayage #neverstoplearning #balayagerevolution on twitter and keep showing me your balayage pictures.

More pics from my classes…

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