Balayage – The revolution has started.

In the last few Balayage classes I have taught, I have asked particpants at the end of the class to use social media adding the #balayaerevolution to spread the word of what we enjoy and love,I also wanted to stay in touch. It has been wonderful to be able to talk and meet up with other colourists who feel the same way I do about hair colour, we are building a new community on social media about enjoying and sharing our love for freehand highlights.

Back in 2010 when I first moved back to the UK hardly anyone was talking about the freehand movement, either within the Hairdressing community or

the beauty Press, there was only a conversation on Dip Dye and that was it, I was amazed but made it my ambition to change that story.

Today 2.5 years into starting my own business it’s a different story, more and more hairdressers are realising that Balayage is not a fad it is an essential tool in their colour menu. We are not trying to invent the wheel just add another spoke so it runs smoother. The balayage movenent in the UK has been driven by consumers who have been influenced by images that they have seen on TV, in the movies, advetisments an of course by A-List Hollywood ladies, and hopefully a little bit by me.

the balayage community

When looking for someone to do your Balayage, obviously Google is great, but when you meet the colourist ask to see examples of their work, or work they like. Make sure that they now the differrence between Blayage, Ombre and Dip Dye, if they don’t maybe thats not a good fit for you.

One of the things I always talk about, with clients and on my blog is the colouirsts “eye” their taste level, with something so personal and ceative as freehand colour you and your colourist need to be on the same page, so that the end result is what you imagined. The technique is Balayage the colour choice is up to you and your balayage expert.

a blonde
a blonde

Remember – Balayage is a highlighting technique and can be used on anyone, it’s all about the palcement and the colour choice.

A red head
A red head

Jacks tip – Let the #balayagerevolution begin!

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