Balayage class June 2013

the balayage revolution continues

Monday June 17th 2013 saw another great day at the Loreal international academy with 17 participants, all ready to take part in what has been a revolution in commercial hairdressing/colouring. More and more clients and colourists are looking for ways to approach haircolour that feels fresh modern and beautiful.

I have been so thrilled that Balayage The Art of Hair Painting has been so well received and that the participants are able to go back to the salon and start producing salon successful commercial colour that clients want and makes money.

Earlier the week before I had the chance to catch up with my Loreal USA family in Paris and it was great to hang out and have some fun, and really brain storm – I have some great ideas for next year.

The best part of the class for me is at the very end, when each participant gets to sit in front of the group and show their work, everyone to some degree or another has been on the same journey
and now feel confident to move forward naming a client who they are going to balayage the next week. I love what I do.

My favourite part of the journey
My favourite part of the journey

This Sunday i’m of to Dublin to work with the brilliant Dylan Bradshaw salon, more tweets and blogs next week

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