The half year review.

As I sit here looking back on the last six months, I really have to pinch myself as I reflect on what has happened so far, its been such a wonderful time for me.
The year started with the launch of my Balayage class for Loreal UK & Ireland which has consistantly sold well averaging 15 -20 people a seesion. The class gets great feedback and we have had some very talented people attend, all looking to help launch the Balayage revolution here in the UK & Ireland. It also saw me going to Dublin for the 2 of 3 visits so far for Loreal Ireland and the amazing Dylan Bradshaw salon. Quite wondeful because i’m half Irish so it was like going home, everybody so friendly and helpful, just a Joy.

February saw me back in Paris doing the colour for the Loreal world wide Balayage campaign, that should be out very soon, and was the first big campaign I have ever done. It was great preparation for the next shoot I did in June, one of the shots is below.


I have another one lined up for July with the talented Simon Maynard and Jay Mawson thats going to be a great post and collection I hope. In other news, the Salon is going from strength to strength, so cool to have been there from the beginining and watch it grow.

Next year will see the release of a major film and my balayage and colour will be on one of the actresses, that was fun to do as well as looking after Francis O’connor for her 1st and 2nd series of Mr Selfridge – balayage all the way.

In May and June I was asked to Judge the Clynol awards and the Creative Head colour awards which was such an honour, not only to be in the company of some industry legends, but also to shape the conversation about hair colour, Creative Head have a brilliant awards show and this year its at the Natural History Museum, can’t wait for that Party.

The trade press have done some great coverage on me and that has been down to the wonderful Sally Learmouth who has worked so hard on my behalf and believes in me and what I do. We have some great plans for the second part of the year. It was Sally who pushed my to do The Fellowship Night and i’m pleased that she did.

It was at the British Fellowship Members night, where I presented, what I call salon successful work to the audience, no little my pony hair colour just commercial pretty work that can actually make you money. The very talented Ky Wilson who I mentioned in my last blog styled the hair to look effortless, the feedback was also very good. Who knows what the next six months will bring, we shall see, and I will keep you posted

my favourite shot
my favourite shot

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