The rise of balayage and the fall of foil.

In a recent article on-line for Professional Hairdresser I was quoted as saying foils where going to go the way of the cap, and I believe that to be true, we only have to look at the A-list celebrity to see this, look at Michelle Williams in the latest Louis Vuitton campaign, you can’t get that with foils. It’s not that I hate foils thirty years ago when I was training I found them amazing,interesting and creative compared to the cap, but for years now many hairdressers have been doing the same pattern on all clients, it’s quickish, lucrative, you don’t have to really think to hard but often a commercial colourist can feel like a machine. Many times walking in to a salon it’s a sea of clients wrapped in perfectly placed foils, the results are rather boring unimaginative and it doesn’t feel artistic to me. for many colourists my age, thats what we know and its hard to start learning something new again (if its not broken don’t mess with it) and for many younger colourists that’s what their mums and aunties had, there is a whole new world out there and its called Balayage

I know of two good colourists state side who have opened new salons and will not do foil, like many of us would not do cap – It’s interesting and exciting the approach to hair colour is changing, and we as an industry need to change. I had a great new client this week Level 2 and had a typical grown out caramel foil highlight (GASP) she came to me because she had heard about me from a friend, she was woriied when I said no foil and showed her images of colour I liked, she took a risk and we balayaged darker brown and lighter pieces through out her whole head, again typically she had only ever had a half head of foils (why do people do this?) but I thought about the whole look and explained it was fresher and more youthful as well as sexy, balayage is dictated by the haircut maybe I had been the first person to explain this about colour to her I hope not. When we finished I said i’ll see you in 14-16 weeks with maybe a gloss and blow dry half way through. SIXTEEN weeks she said, as if she would never make it, yes I said go have fun enjoy your colour and life. I’d rather have a larger clientele that come less often than a small clientele that comes often. It’s a whole new world.

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