Why would a colourist would move on ?

I have always loved what I do, and have worked for over 30 years watching how my career has taken me around the globe, it’s been fun at times and exhausting at others, but you usually get what you put into it. So when I recently moved on to a new position some people wanted to know why move on after putting my heart and soul into the last position? I did work crazy hours and do so much PR, but as a self empolyed man I need to do that and it will continue to be the case at the new salon. Even when we reach the top of our game we can still look for new challenges, and I moved because I felt that Neville is a perfect fit for me and my clients, it’s busy and has a great buzz to it, a great reception team that juggle the days perfectly, (how they do that is amazing!) 15 keen and eager Juniors running around, a kitchen that makes fresh, healthy and delicious food for the clients all: Neville employ nearly 70 people all working hard together to make it all work.

The owners are there everyday making sure that no detail is ignored, it reminds me so much of the salon I worked at in the States, I love walking in and seeing Neville smiling with the team, working and just being present, Elena with great ideas and vision making it happen for the team, and delivering 5 star service which is what my ladies like, and cannot be scrimped on. So, the Balayage revolution continues from my new home and I couldn’t be happier with my new hairdressing family!

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