Beautifully Balayage and the Brunette

Most brunettes like being brown, they hate orange and red tones and when it come to grey coverage they just want to look natural. Yet whatever city you’re in you always see that client – the one in the 40-65 year old range with that orange brown glow of coloured hair… Maybe it’s a home job, maybe not: it’s hard to keep the brassy tones away in the sunshine and colour does oxidize so our job as colourists is to work hard at keeping the brass away. Fortunately, recent developments are making this easier. read more

Balayage Classes across London and the UK

This year has seen a surge in colourists seeking out training for Balayage, i’ve literally been all over the place and have been running many classes out of the salon Neville which has been amazing. My classes, and yes we have new balayage dates coming for 2015 are all about the technical application, it ‘s not enough for me to say thats okay, I like to think that its a full on day where the end goal is to dispell all the fears and myths about freehand work and really get to practice the skill of being able to paint the hair from  root to tip so that after we have filled a doll head with balayage pieces you can then go back into the salon and start applying what you have learned. read more