Shades EQ gloss

Since the demise of my favourite glossing product Dia Gelee I have struggled to find a glaze that suits me. I’ve obviously looked at Dia Lite, but can’t say it’s a great replacement for Gelee. Matrix and Wella offer products but they are all cream based and what I loved about Gelee was that it was a gel, so it was easy to apply at the backwash after some Balayage, always giving a beautiful glossy shine. I miss that, its not that i’m looking for toner just a product I can run through quickly which has a touch of colour and a ton of shine.
Well just as read more

Is she or isn't she

The most perfect haircolour to me is when you can never tell that its coloured, that’s what makes the task at hand so difficult and so rewarding at the same time for a colourist, subtlety, softness and a natural feel to the colour always looks beautiful and can be glamourous or have a slightly lived in feel. read more

spring/summer trends 2012

All the great style

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trends from the fall/winter fashion shows 2012 can make us forget that its spring/summer 2012 that we should be looking at now and how those trends have translated into the salon. Looking back through those collections i’ve picked my favourite two looks from The Paris, New York, Milan and London shows, and as always my favourite shows where New York followed by Paris, I think that because I love the beauty aesthetic of the NYC looks. read more

The Reality of Red

Red heads never really go out of fashion and the past couple

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of years have seem a plethora of examples from the extreme, think Rihanna to the soft, say Julianne Moore with many more in between.
There are degrees of red and as always I find myself loving the more natural looking reds and coppers, the ones that leaving you thinking is she or isn’t she?, but really that is all about personal taste levels and the look you want to achieve.
Throughout history red heads have been feared & adored – loathed & worshiped – degraded & lionized, it seems this hair colour more than any other has provoked a contrast of emotions in us, as love is to hate. read more