Balayage – The revolution has started.

In the last few Balayage classes I have taught, I have asked particpants at the end of the class to use social media adding the #balayaerevolution to spread the word of what we enjoy and love,I also wanted to stay in touch. It has been wonderful to be able to talk and meet up with other colourists who feel the same way I do about hair colour, we are building a new community on social media about enjoying and sharing our love for freehand highlights. read more

The Cloud Nine Waving Wand

Christmas is coming and that glossy look I love, bouncy natural looking hair will be seen at all the parties, but it isn’t easy for many to achieve at home. Getting to the hairdressers twice a week is an option for the lucky few, and so i’m always on the look out for tools that can help maintain read more

Is she or isn't she

The most perfect haircolour to me is when you can never tell that its coloured, that’s what makes the task at hand so difficult and so rewarding at the same time for a colourist, subtlety, softness and a natural feel to the colour always looks beautiful and can be glamourous or have a slightly lived in feel. read more

The Consultation

One of the most important parts of our business is I would say the consultaion, it’s not that it has to be a thirty miniute session but it has to be clear, concise and have a goal. Given the state read more

spring/summer trends 2012

All the great style

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trends from the fall/winter fashion shows 2012 can make us forget that its spring/summer 2012 that we should be looking at now and how those trends have translated into the salon. Looking back through those collections i’ve picked my favourite two looks from The Paris, New York, Milan and London shows, and as always my favourite shows where New York followed by Paris, I think that because I love the beauty aesthetic of the NYC looks. read more

What is Luxury

The word luxury is something that is thrown around by brands and PR firms all the time these days even worse is the grievous term affordable luxury, what is that? The dictonary explains the term luxury as follows – read more